~ OCTOBER 27, 2003  ~           
IPC Product Bulletin Announcement

PB# 140105: 3500 3-Slot Series and Node Obsolescence

Xycom Automation is in the process of discontinuing the 3500 3-slot series, the 1503, and the 1500 industrial PCs. The required parts for these units are being depleted and will not be ordered again. Any future 3510 and 3512 3-slot order may be subject to material availability and long lead times. The 3512KP and 3512KPT units are no longer available.

All the affected products will be transitioned to "Last Time Buy" status on January 1, 2004 and will be removed from the online Configurator. The last date to order these products will be March 31, 2004 and shipments can be scheduled through June 30, 2004. All orders are subject to material availability. Orders for special product configurations will be accepted only until material is depleted, so place your orders early to be assured availability of your requested configuration(s).