~ JANUARY 15, 2004  ~           
IPC Product Bulletin Announcement

PB# 140106: 94XX Industrial PC Price Increases

For nearly 10 years, Xycom Automation has been producing the 9450, 9403, and 9487 products. Over time, the components and parts used in these assemblies have become very difficult to obtain. In many cases, prices are significantly higher due to component obsolescence. With the new 3600 and 3700 products coming on line, and the new 3712KPM(T) and 5012KPM(T) to be launched in 2004, the decision to begin the discontinuation of the 9450, 9403, and 9487 product lines was unavoidable. On February 15, 2004 these products will be significant price increases will go into effect to offset increased procurement costs.

Special Pricing and Prod Mods
All negotiated special pricing and product modifications will not be honored past February 15, 2004. We will not issue any special pricing and will only accept orders at the new pricing levels after February 15th. Orders currently in place are not affected by this notice.

Transition Assistance Needed
In order for a smooth transition, your assistance in notifying customers of this discontinuation as soon as possible is greatly appreciated. This is very important and has to be done immediately. It is anticipated that later this year there may be another price increase on these units and that by the end of 2004 they will no longer be available.

We will be sending the launch information on the 3712KPM(T) in the near future. The 3712KPM(T) is a 12" LCD Industrial PC which will directly fit in the cutouts for all the affected units. Also to launch soon is the 5012KPM(T), a 12" LCD Monitor with integrated keypad and mouse, that will directly replace the 9403 monitor products.