Full Computer Washdown At 2400 PSI

Wash Down Video Showing The Resilience Of Fully Sealed IPCs

.: New Video Shows VarTech's IPCs Unaffected By A 2400 psi Wash Down :.

Washdown Computer Video

VarTech Systems has produced a new video demonstration showcasing the wash down capabilities of their line of industrial grade, fully enclosed computers. Created in-house and on-location at the sales and marketing headquarters in Baton Rouge, La., this presentation depicts a hazardous area, C1D2, fully sealed, NEMA 4X, touch screen computer receiving a 2400 psi, hose-directed, total wash down. One of VarTech’s own sales personnel, Mark Frakes, gives the viewer an up close look at this rugged touch screen computer by demoing its touch interface capabilities and its fully sealed water proof construction. Boasting a NEMA 4X (IP66), gasket sealed enclosure with glandular, sealed cable connections, Frakes tests the limits of this IPC with a prolonged, high pressure wash down. The computer has a wide operational temperature of -10 to 60C assisted by the rear dissipation heat sink.

The unit is equipped with the Intel Atom fan less processor with dual core Intel processors optional. The touch screen functions and overall PC operations remain unaffected by the direct, high-pressure wash down giving testimony to the unrelenting nature of this industrial computer. With no external vents, the fully enclosed NEMA 4X and NEMA 4 IPCs allow no opportunities for the intrusion of water or foreign air born particles such as dust, dirt, etc. ‚This demonstration will really give viewers a firsthand account of the rugged characteristics and construction of the products we manufacture here at VarTech Systems,‛ Frakes says.

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.: New Video Features Hazardous Area, C1D2, All-In-one, Touch Screen IPCs:.

Hazardous Area Class 1 Division 2 C1D2
Product Video

Additionally, a new video featuring VarTech’s hazardous area C1D2 computers has also been produced. The next in an on-going product demo series, this presentation highlights the ToughStation series, non-purged, explosion proof PCs. The exhibition spotlights include the NEMA 4X stainless steel construction and fully sealed, glandular cable connections insuring UL class 1 division 2 rated standards across the entire unit.

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