PS4000B Heavy-Duty Industrial "Node" PC.
Standard Node Industrial Computer.                                                                                         Core™2 Duo P8400 or Atom™ N270  

The PS4000B features an Core™2 Duo P8400 or Atom™ N270 processor, creating a powerful system for any production floor. Its aluminum housing adds to the PCs durability, while its multiple I/O ports lend to its flexibility.

Mate this industrial computer with one of Pro-face's Flat panel Monitors for a complete industrial computing solution. The PS4000B can even be installed remotely from one of our FP3000 Series units.


FEATURE Highlights


Higher Performance

  • CPU: Core™2 Duo P8400 or Atom™ N270
  • "Slide-in slot" for quick & easy storage expansion
  • Intelligence Fan (Core™2 Duo PS8400 model only)

Pre-loaded Operating System

Each system is preloaded with either:
  • Windows?XP Professional or
  • Windows?7 Ultimate

Remote Monitoring via FP3000 Series

PS4000B supports the Pro-face FP3000 Series flat panel display, with DVI-RGB conversion cable. (only RGB connection is accepted)


Full Complement of I/O Ports

The PS4000B comes standard with an extensive array of I/O ports, including three serial ports (two RS-232 and one RS-232/RS-422/485), five USB 2.0 ports, and two Ethernet ports (Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T).

Cooling Enhancements

The PS4000B Core™2 Duo units use an intelligent fan for energy efficiency and heat reduction. Reducing the heat generation prolongs the life of sensitive components such as a hard drive.

When installing a high performance CPU equipped unit into an enclosure, extra care should be exercised to ensure that the ambient air around the unit (inside your enclosure, not outside the enclosure) does not exceed 50?C. Exceeding 50?C may cause premature degeneration of the unit.

Consult your enclosure manufacturer for proper sizing and/or cooling options (if necessary). The product specifications and ratings section of this datasheet contains information your enclosure manufacturer will require.



    • Core™2 Duo P8400 or Atom™ N270
    • 224 - 384 MB Video RAM (Max.)
    • Core™2 Duo: Up to 384 MB
      Atom: Up to 224 MB (only available on 1 or 2 slot models)
    • Core™2 Duo: 4 GB (DDR3 1066 MHz)
      Atom: 2 GB (DDR2 533 MHz) (only available on 1 or 2 slot models)
    • Preloaded with Windows?XP* Pro operating system, or Windows?7 Ultimate
    • Two RS-232 port
    • One RS-232/RS-422/485 port
    • Five USB ports (2.0)
    • Two 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T
    • Audio output
    • 24V DC power supply
    • RoHS Directive-conforming
    • 2-year warranty

    * Important Notice for XP configurations: Certain Microsoft?software product(s) included with this computer may use technological measures for copy protection. IN SUCH EVENT, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE PRODUCT IF YOU DO NOT FULLY COMPLY WITH THE PRODUCT ACTIVATION PROCEDURES. Product activation procedures and Microsoft's privacy policy will be detailed during initial launch of the product, or upon certain re-installations of the software product(s) or reconfigurations of this computer, or may be completed by Internet or telephone (toll charges may apply).


Processor: Core™2 Duo P8400 or Atom™ N270
Preloaded OS*: Windows?XP Pro or Windows?7 Ultimate
Preloaded HD: 250 GB or 64 - 128 GB Solid State Drive

Memory Expansion: 4 - 8 GB CompactFlash?

Accessories available.



Electrical: 24 Vdc ?5 %
Power Consumption: Core2 Duo: 90 W (max.) or Atom: 60 W (max.)



UL/cUL listed, RoHS



External Dimensions:
1 slot: Core™2 Duo: W97 x H270 x D250 mm [ W3.82 x H10.63 x D9.85 in. ], Atom: W82 x H270 x D250 mm [ W3.23 x H10.63 x D9.85 in. ]
2 slot: Core™2 Duo: W136 x H270 x D251 mm [ W5.35 x H10.63 x D9.89 in. ], Atom: W121 x H270 x D251 mm [ W4.76 x H10.63 x D9.89 in. ]
5 slot: Core™2 Duo: W217 x H270 x D251 mm [ W8.54 x H10.63 x D9.89 in. ]

Mounting Options:
The PS4000B is designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally using the 2 fasteners and 4 screws supplied with the unit.





PS4000B Datasheet

PS4000B User Manual

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